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Monterrico Christian School exists for the sole purpose of glorifying God our Father, our Savior Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We wish to achieve this by committing to offering a high level of excellence through a solid education in all fields of education and administration where God is the center. The focus for achieving this goal is the Holy Bible. The word of God is profitable for teaching, discipline, correction and instruction in righteousness. We are committed to quality education, based on the central principles Christ as a starting point for developing securities as transforming action of reality and culture. We believe that Christian principles are the most successful so that our children can grow as people of integrity, capable of facing the challenges of today and tomorrow. It is our belief form a model of responsible man with God, with himself, with his family and society.


We Christians are a team of professionals, both Peruvian and foreign, dedicated to providing an education with academic and moral excellence to impact the lives of children and their families for eternity. We trust God will use our Christian teachers, who teach every subject from a God-centered view, to “form lives of integrity” and prepare students for success in a multicultural world.


Monterrico Christian School projects to become a leader in education and in the formation of moral values according to the Scriptures.

(moral in the light of the Christian faith and the level of requirements and family, social and educational needs, contributing with responsibility and ethics to build a democratic nation.)