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Employment Opportunities

Monterrico Christian School seeks to employ well-qualified, dedicated, Christian educators and staff who have a Biblical worldview and desire to make a life-long impact in the lives of our students, parents and faculty. As a Christian school, MCS only hires persons who give a credible profession of faith in Jesus Christ and demonstrate that faith in a manner consistent with the school’s mission and values. All employees must unreservedly affirm the school doctrinal statement annually. A background check will also be conducted for all potential employees.


  • Read the school’s Doctrinal Statement.
  • Send your resumé and any questions to nmiller@mcslima.edu.pe.
  • Complete the application and send it to nmiller@mcslima.edu.pe.
  • If qualifications are met, an interview will be scheduled. For those applying for a teaching position:
    • the applicant may be requested to teach a class at the school for evaluation purposes.
    • the applicant may be requested to provide a video of himself teaching, showing his lesson and interaction with students.
  • After evaluating all the applicants for the position, the applicant may be offered the position. If the applicant is not selected, he will be informed of the school’s decision.

Current Openings

Teaching Positions for native English speakers

  • Preschool, Kindergarten 

Staff Positions

  • None at this time