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Three-year-old preschool is taught in Spanish to strengthen the mother tongue of our Peruvian students before they embark on English immersion. Students receive an introduction to English in brief classes several times per week, chapels, etc.

Our English Inmersion Program begins in P-4 with native English speaking teachers and classes which are divided into two groups which alternate activities.  These groups of ten permit the teacher to meet individual needs, promote speaking abilities and correct pronunciation.  We use a variety of methods, including music, stories, games, math manipulatives, etc. One of the most important classes is phonics. Zoo-phonics is a kinesthetic method which presents the letters of the alphabet in the shape of an animal.  The students see the picture of the animal, learn its name, and a hand signal.  Ex. are Allie Alligator, Bubba Bear, Catina Cat, Deedee Dear, etc.  The students generally love this fun, active system and the Zoo-phonics song, and so they learn the whole alphabet quickly.  During the year a multitude of learning activities and vocabulary words are assigned weekly to develop language and pronunciation abilities. P-4 is a fascinating year because one is able to watch a student go from understanding hardly any Enlish at the start of the year to completely understanding the teacher and speaking in complete sentences by the end of the year.

The 5-year-old kindergarten class is likewise divided in two groups of ten, and it builds on the phonetic base of P-4.  Students have classes in Bible, phonics, pre-reading, math, and science, and fine (pre-writing)  and gross motor skills in English. Bible is reinforced in Spanish twice a week.  Music, art, and introduction to computer activities are offered periodically.

All three grades have fine and gross motor skills classes, which are very important to the physical development of the students.  These classes provide the foundation for fine motor skills and future reading and writing skills.